Gronk’s Thoughts On The Deflate-Gate Situation. (Video)

Just Gronk doing Gronk things here sharing his honest opinion and taking two things that you were about sick of hearing about and combines them the only way he knows how; creating in the process 15 hilarious seconds of instagram video.

You’ve got to love Gronk for this move, in a world where athlete’s opinions are policed by the PC patrol theres nothing more refreshing than some childish unfiltered jokes about an event that I’m pretty sure everyone in America stopped caring about months ago. I stand by the theory that if the balls were deflated it was from Gronk spikes and nothing else. Want air in your balls? Then keep Gronk and his ever inflating biceps out of the end zone.

When he’s not suggesting the only thing deflate-able are deez nuts, he handles deflate-gate questions by flexing on the haters.

[tweet 596061823184539649 align=’center’]

PS: Awesome move just turning your back on people and flexing when they ask you questions you don’t like. That should really be adapted into everyday life. Especially at family gatherings; like when your aunt you haven’t seen in a year asks when you’re getting married, instead of dealing with making up some b.s. answer just turn around and flex to avoid the awkwardness. She may not get it but i bet she’ll stop asking stupid questions after that.

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