Fights That Would’ve Been Better Than Mayweather vs Pacquiao

The outrage that poured out after a decision was made in the Mayweather Vs Paquiao fight was endless. It got people thinking about possible fights that would’ve been better and worth the price of admission, here are some …

Jimmy Kimmel vs Justin Bieber


Both looked out-of-place at the fight. Jimmy dressed up as Justin, Justin dressed up as a woman. It was weird.

Stone Cold vs The Rock


I mean let’s be honest, Who wouldn’t pay to see this one more time!??!?!


Burger King Guy vs Freddie Roach


One is considered the greatest boxing trainer of all time, the other is one of the greatest fast food chain figures of all time. 12 round slugfest

Lil Terio vs Big Red T-shirt dude


Both are even as far as reach and height, Terio probably outweighs him but who this battle of vine stars would be epic

Dan Bilzerian vs Tony Stark


One is a fictional wealthy playboy philanthropist, the other mimics his life in real life. Winner gets all the hoes, which they get anyway

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