Mila Kunis Is Being Sued For Stealing A Chicken

Yeah, you read that right. According to TMZ, Mila’s childhood friend from the Ukraine, Kristina Karo, is suing her for stealing Karo’s own pet chicken. It’s a slow news day, get off me. Apparently years ago, back in the old country, the two girls used to play with the chicken together. No sicko, that’s not some sort of poultry infused, sexual innuendo. They literally played with this chicken which Karo claims Kunis stole. Bet Mila counts her blessings on the daily that she got the fuck out of that hell hole.

Apparently the stress of losing said chicken (who’s name is “Doggie” btw. Why? Who gives a fuck. This story is already so ridiculous I expect nothing less) forced Karo into therapy. Rough life on all counts.


Years later, after they both moved to LA, Mila Kunis became widely famous and Kristina Karo struggled to make a music career happen. I guess with great career struggle comes even greater mental hysteria. Karo admits feelings came rushing back about the chicken debacle which landed her back in therapy. Long story short, she’s suing Kunis for emotional distress to the tune of 5K.

If I’m being real, I think Kunis should just give Karo the money. I mean, the insanity plea is valid here, the girl’s clearly batshit crazy. Don’t believe me? Here’s her music video.

In the highly unlikely event that you watch the entire thing, skip to 1:45. I. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

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