Two Penn State Bros Argue Over LeBron Vs Jordan And It Ends In An Arrest For Aggravated Assault


According to an article posted to “The Daily Collegian”, Natalie Westin , This is what went down.

At 3:49 a.m. Saturday, Daniel Mondelice, 22, and his roommate began the argument at their Calder Commons apartment, 520 E. Calder Way, the State College Police Department said. After physically assaulting his roomate, Mondelice was charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats and simple assault, police said. (The Daily Collegian)

Ah here we have a classic LeBron vs Jordan debate gone awry. This argument has been raging since “King” James first stepped foot onto the hard wood at the NBA level. Usually, at least in my experience, this argument ends in a more peaceful and civilized manner where both parties agree to disagree. But not this time, this bro was so passionate in his argument that he took it to a whole new level to get his point across. Sure he could have picked another method to convey his argument, like pull up some quick stats on google or point out how much softer the league has gotten since MJ played for instance. But some people just wont listen to stats and facts and occasionally need a good slap upside the head to see things Daniels way.

I respect the shit out of this move here, anyone willing to put the beat down on their roommate in the name of a LBJ vs MJ argument is okay in my book. And anyone who thinks LeBron is better than Jordan probably deserves a smack upside the head to begin with. Winners win at any cost and thats what Daniel did here, locked up the W and the arrest all in one. MJ would be proud.

PS: On a scale of 1-10 how awkward is it going to be when this guy gets home from jail? Easily a ten.

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