Signs That He’s Cheating On You

This one will definitely cause some controversy and fights with your boyfriend and boy oh boy I can’t wait. You see at first you might think it’s a cute deed that he’s “been thinking about you” but was he when he was balls deep in Candice on vacation???? Yeah, I didn’t think so and neither should you. Ladies, if you think he’s cheating, chances are that he is. Lamb loves all the ladies so this one goes out to you, hope this helps. Here are some of the signs that a guy has cheated on you.

His Phone Is Facedown Every Time You’re With Him


It’s a fact that the only time someone has their phone facedown is when they’re hiding something. Last thing you want to deal with is “Alexa” texting you while you’re at dinner for your 4 week anniversary.

You Receive A Louie Bag Because “It’s A Tuesday.”


All girls love a Louie bag but they fail to realize what it stands for. If it’s not your birthday or a holiday, this is the ultimate “I had sex with a stripper, probably caught a herp and nailed your best friend” sign if I’ve ever seen one. Guys know that a Louie bag will help you win and defuse the situation. Works every time!

You Get A Random Tweet/IG Shout Out When He’s Away


This one is classic. When he’s on vacation and out of no where you get the good old “I miss this face” he doesn’t really miss it. He regrets what he did the night before so he’s using this spontaneous action as a way to make you smile and ease your mind. We all know chicks love spontaneity.

Change In Personality


First you fell for his personality but now you don’t even know who he is anymore. He hates the way you eat and can’t stand your best friend. Everything becomes a fight so chances are he’s cheated. So what a guy does is this, he starts to fight with you every chance he gets. So it appears that the relationship isn’t working out, so it’s easier for him to leave it and not regret breaking your heart.



If you don’t know about Tinder, where have you been the last couple of months. First of all it’s the greatest application of all time. Tinder is a social media app that matches you up with other singles in your area depending on how far you are looking to travel. So one day your friend tells you ” Hey Scott is on tinder and he’s matched with me” the question becomes why is he on tinder and why is your whore friend swiping right.

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