Predictions For The First Round Of The NBA Playoffs

The regular┬áseason has come to an end in the NBA, now it’s time for playoffs. A lot of intriguing matchups to look for in the opening series in the NBA playoffs, here is how i think it’ll play out…

Eastern Conference

Atlanta Hawks Vs Brooklyn Nets


The Hawks in the playoffs last season had the number one seed Indiana Pacers up against the ropes in the opening round. Doing so without arguably their best player Al Horford. This year the Hawks took the NBA by storm and captured a number one seed. The Nets had to wait until the last day of the season to make the playoffs. This series should be relatively quick

Hawks in 5

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics


I’m sure the folks down in South Beach wished Mr James kept his talents in South Beach. No matter what you think of the guy, his impact is felt more than any player we’ve seen in the last decade. The Cavs are back in the playoffs for the first time since Lebron left. A roster made up of some key players who have yet to taste playoff experience, yet alone success. The Celtics are going to be an absolute FORCE in the years to come with a ton of draft picks they have acquired. Brad Stevens would be my vote for Coach of the Year because this team was expected to be tanking once again. Too much Cavs for the Celtics

Cavs in 4

Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls


Special shout out for Jason Kidd, being the first coach in NBA history to take two different teams to the playoffs in his first two years as a head coach. The Bucks did it without their top pick from the past draft Jabari Parker. Future is bright in Milwaukee but the road ends here. Can you think of a team who has had the injury bug hit them harder in the last five years than the Bulls? Rose out every other new Sportscenter episode, Noah missed a bunch of games. Jimmy Butler has become a star player in this league and Gasol has been the best offseason signing in the league. Another short series, Bulls experience this time of the year will help them prevail

Bulls in 4

Washington Wizards vs Toronto Raptors


The only series in the East that is a coin flip. These teams are pretty much identical in every aspect of their game. The wizards have stumbled the last couple of months and have played some of their worst basketball towards the end of the year. Toronto never gets any credit due mostly to the fact that they play in Canada because they aren’t marketed the way state teams are. Kyle Lowry is one of the most underrated point guards in the game. This series will be the longest in the east and the Raptors will build off last season experiences in the playoffs, where they should have┬ábeaten the Nets

Raptors in 7

Western Conference

New Orleans Pelicans vs Golden State Warriors


Most likely the only series in the west where you are almost certain who is going to advance. The future faces of the NBA will be featured in this game. Anthony Davis, welcome to the second season, first time getting your feet wet what awaits you? Oh just one of the best regular season teams in NBA history and the front-runner for the MVP Chef Curry. Golden State has been the best team all season. I do believe that Davis is good enough to steal a game from the Warriors, but too much Golden State in this one

Warriors in 5

Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets


This will be the best series of the NBA playoffs. The in-state rivalry just adds fuel to the fire. Parsons if he is healthy enough to play will be going against his former team so he will have a big series. James Harden did all he could to keep the Rockets near the top of the West during the absence of Dwight Howard for most of the season. Harden has struggled in the past in the playoffs mostly because games turn into a lot of half court sets where he tends to struggle. Dirk will be Dirk and I believe Dallas will advance.

Dallas in 7

LA Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs


Some have to wonder what things could’ve been last year for the Clippers had there not been the Sterling fiasco. This year, the task maybe just as tough with the defending champions Spurs matching up with them in the first round. Just when everyone believed that the Spurs window has closed halfway through the season, they bang off 11 straight and 18 of 21 to close out the season. It’s not that the Spurs just woke up right before the playoffs, they got healthy. Kawhi Leonard might never get MVP votes or All star game appearances, but If I was a GM he would be one of the players I would try my best to get my hands on. Spurs will do what they do, advance.

Spurs in 6

Portland Trailblazers vs Memphis Grizzlies


It’s a shame that both of these teams aren’t as healthy as they would’ve hoped to be come playoff time. Portland was my dark horse team to win the west back at the trade deadline, then Wes Matthews went down with an Achilles. Memphis is nursing some injuries as well with guard Mike Conley Jr and Gasol getting banged up the last couple of games. This is going to be an incredible matchup both in the blocks with Aldrige vs Gasol and at the PG position with Lillard vs Conley Jr. Despite being the 5 seed, Memphis will have home court because of division finishes. Memphis will move on

Grizzlies in 7

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