Soccer Player Offered 16 Hour Sex Session From Pornstar If He Scores Five More Goals


If you have ever thought that being a professional athlete isn’t the greatest job in the world, think again! A Russian adult film star has offered a Dynamo Moscow striker a 16-hour sex session if he scores five more goals this season.

Before we get into any details can we establish that 16 hour is a shit load of time. Dude isn’t going to be able to walk after that. With that being said, the name of the soccer player is Alexander Kokorin, who plays his club soccer in the Russian Soccer League. The name of the adult film star is Alina Yeremenko and she made this proposition while she was being interviewed by a Russian sports reporter, via Metro. Yeremenko also added that she believes Kokorin is ten out of ten in the looks department. Alina is a die-hard Dynamo Moscow fan and she has given Alexander ten games to score his five goals. Prior to this deal being made, Kokorin has scored seven goals during his 2014-2015 season.


It’s interesting to see how many goals he ends up with, I’m sure if his team wins a penalty kick, he will fight whoever tries to take it over him. I know I would be throwing fists if somebody tried to do that to me.

We are all rooting for you son.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.04.57 AM

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