Proper Etiquette For Posting A #TBT Picture

With the popularity of Instagram came the popularity of a new trend called #ThrowbackThursday (more commonly noted as #tbt). This trend became immensely popular from the start to a point that now thursdays are strictly for throwbacks on social media.

As with anything that becomes popular to this extent, people often don’t always properly understand how the trend works and as a result they misuse and abuse it, thus becoming a nuisance on social media. So for those of you who happen to unfortunately fall into this category, don’t worry, I am here to help:

How old does a picture have to be to be considered a throwback?


One common misconception is that a picture has to be years old for it to be eligible for #tbt. Thats not the case. The picture can be recent, sometimes the more recent the better it will be received by your followers. Be careful not to use too recent of a picture though because then it isn’t a throwback at all. A safe measure of time would be to allow six months to pass from when the picture was taken. But even that is pushing it.

Stop calling selfies throwbacks.


 Unless its a selfie you took back in 2005 for myspace with your digital camera or its completely badass like those russian kids who climb skyscrapers and take selfies dangling off of them, those are the only exceptions. Otherwise a selfie is not a throwback. Odds are you look the same in the selfie as you do at the very moment you posted it so how are we ever supposed to believe that its actually a throwback. Complete misuse of the hashtag.

Keep it to one a week.

nobody cares

Throwback thursday is unique in the fact that its one time where people are okay with you forcing old pictures of yourself on them. Any other time they probably don’t give a shit. So lets not go overboard here and start taking us on your own personal stroll down memory lane, thats not cool.

P.S. Cut it out with this flashback friday and way back wednesday bull shit. And as for transformation tuesday.. we get it you used to be fat and got skinny or you used to be skinny and put on muscle, congrats.

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