Predictions For The First Round Of The NHL Playoffs

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are underway and it’s one of the most exciting playoffs in any sport. This is how the first round will play out in the eyes of the lamb …

New York Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins


A banged up Penguins team won’t be able to keep up with the Rangers. Especially with the D men they have out. Plus, the Rangers have a heavy goalie advantage with Henrik Lundqvist looking like his usual self again. Mallon & Crosby are arguably the two best players in the series & in the league so they’ll steal a game or two, but too much blue shirts in the end.

Rangers in 6

Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators


Nothing like an all Canadian affair in the playoffs. Senators will win a very hard-fought series where both goaltenders will shine, but the hottest team in the NHL, the Ottawa Senators, will prevail. In the playoffs, it’s not about how well you did all season. It’s about how well you play now and the Senators are on an incredible run right now and it will get them into the next round.

Senators in 7

Washington Capitals vs New York Islanders


Every game is going to be wide open, so don’t expect any tight 2-1 games or shutouts. Islanders early in the season was a daily lock to take their games over and at the same time islanders are a shootout type of team. They don’t mind paying 5-4 games. Caps have the size over the isles which should help edge them out.

Capitals in 6

Winnipeg Jets vs Anaheim Ducks


Jets are hot, and the Ducks have the curse of the “2 starting goalies.” Like they say in football, if you have two QB’s, you have no QB. Same applies to goaltenders. If something goes wrong they will switch to goalie John Gibson and that is never a good thing in the playoffs. The Ducks are a great regular season team but something about them come mid April that leaves me skeptical.

*Upset Alert* Jets in 7

Chicago Blackhawks vs Nashville Predators


Patrick Kane coming back swung my decision on this series. Pekka Renne will be lights out and steal a few games, he’s one of the best goalies in the NHL. Predators were a great story this season but it ends here. Spearheaded by Toews who is the best player in the NHL in my opinion, the Hawks move on

Blackhawks in 6

St Louis Blues vs Minnesota Wild


This series will be a slobber knocker and the most entertain series of the opening round. If the Blues goaltending can be up to par then the Blues are the best team in the western conference, hands down. The team that wins this series will definitely make a deep run. I also have the Blues in the Stanley Cup final (Spoiler Alert)

Blues in 7

Vancouver Canucks vs Calgary


A good old fashion Canadian hockey fight Ayyyy! The flames throw out one of the better lines in hockey with Johnny Hockey , Shawn Monahan, and Juri Hurdler. The Canucks have all the playoff experience you can ask for & this will just be normal growing pains for the Flames. The Canucks are the vets and the Sedin’s  will take them to school.

Canucks in 6

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Detroit Red Wings


The Lightning are the best team in the East in my eyes. It’s either them or the Rangers that will come out the East. As far as this series goes, I like the Lightning’s speed against a relatively old & not as quick Red Wings team. The “Russian Magician” Datsyuk is one of the best watches in the league and is always putting on a show. Jimmy Howard isn’t the force he once was & looking for Stamkos to be the goal scoring machine he is.

Lighting in 6

***Special thanks to Dylan Alibrandi of aStat Sports with his tremendous input on the Stanley Cup Playoffs***

***Any hockey questions or responses to this post to @dalibrandi or @aStat_Lamb on Twitter


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