Who The F*ck Would Steal $70,000 Worth Of Bull Semen?!

Police are investigating after $70,000 worth of bull semen was stolen from a farm in southern Minnesota. Daniel Weness claims that the vials containing the semen were stolen sometime between April 1st & April 7th while he was away for Easter. Each vial was worth anywhere from $300-$1500. You may ask yourself, why would anyone pay that much for semen? Well, Chief Deputy Mark May says ‘A lot of people purchase bid on it or purchase it instead of transporting their animals to and from a site,’ he said. ‘They can just purchase a vial of bull semen and inseminate their cow and I guess it’s just more reliable that way.’

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.07.52 AM

Unfortunately, the police has no suspects. It looks like Daniel Weness is sh*t out of luck and will have to collect more bull semen to make up for the amount stolen.

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