A Man Will Always Be Judged On How Much He Can Drink By His Peers

I don’t care how liberated this world becomes – a man will always be judged by the amount of alcohol he can consume – and a woman will be impressed, whether she likes it or not. – Cocktail (1988)

Its a sad concept but a true one. What seems to be a societal flaw is actually just an evolution in our competitive nature and how we place value in what we can and cannot do better than our peers. To explain a bit further; when were young while hanging out with our friends on the play ground, we place importance on physical abilities: who can run the fastest or who can jump the highest. Over time we grow to abandon the park and enter the party scene as maybe guys do. With this change of scenery comes a change of priorities.


When you begin to drink as an¬†underage minor, the skills that once held the most value amongst your peers no longer hold the same weight. The kid with a fake ID who can get into bars and buy booze for all the boys, he now has a far greater value to the group than the first pick in a pick up game at the park. Possessing this and wanting to show it off all the time leads to binge drinking earlier on in life, which will in turn eventually cause your body to create a tolerance for alcohol long before your of legal age. And as teenagers will be; anything that they can get your hands that they’re not supposed to have it is automatically cool.

fake id

At a legal age when you can actually get into the bar you’re judged a bit differently than when your younger. Value is still placed on how much you can drink, but more value is placed on how you can handle yourself after ingesting that amount of alcohol. Were growing up and being able to drink in large quantities still holds some value but its no longer acceptable to be the guy who is falling all over themselves. Its fucked up but as a teen that was in some cases funny so it was okay. But now you’re expected to have more ability to control your actions. “Im sorry i was bombed.” is no longer a valid excuse.

At a certain point in life for the first time this judgment, an ever changing form of judgment, but judgement none the less. It evolves and grows into different meanings throughout our lives; its been around for generations and has now sign of releasing its grip on our society.

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