Tyler, The Creator Calls The VIP Section At Coachella Soft And Tells Kendall Jenner To ‘Fuck Off’ On Stage (Video)

Tyler the Creator has been known to never really have much a filter when he has a microphone in his hands and as a result he had some choice words for some of the audience at Coachella this past weekend.

This section’s soft,” he said. “Y’all the niggas that got money and paid extra. Fuck all y’all, y’all boring. Everybody that’s in the real crowd, though, I fuck with y’all. Y’all gonna have a good time. These motherfuckers too cool

He went on to let Kendal Jenner how he feels as well:

Kendall Jenner here thinking she cute and shit,” he continued. “Hey, Kendall, Kendall, Kendall — I’m over here to your right — fuck you.

 As crazy as the world went when this happened, it is well known that Tyler & Kendall are actually friends. He was probably just playing a little joke on her.

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