5 Fictional Colleges That Look Way More Fun Than Real College

Colleges are often portrayed in movies as four years of your life purely devoted to insane parties and tons of promiscuous sex. Well heres a spoiler alert for you, thats not all it is. Real college is not all parties and sex, i mean a lot of it is, but it also requires a tremendous amount of work to keep up with your studies and get out of there with a legitimate degree. So here are 5 fictional colleges that look like way more fun than real college

South Harmon Institute of Technology

from Accepted

ask me about my weiner

South Harmon Institute of Technology, SHIT for short, where acceptance is one click away. Easy to get into so that eliminates stress right there. The classes seemed awesome, I’d love to take that one where you learn to blow shit up with your mind. Lastly those kids had as much fun as you could possible have in a revamped mental institution.

Blue Mountain State

from “Blue Mountain State”


Since watching the show all the way through there is nothing more id like to do than go to a party at “The Goat House”. Also it seems like they dont have classes there just football and partying and i am so down with that. Just crushing beers with Alex Moran and Thad Castle all day while we search campus for sloots would not be a bad way to spend 4 years.


from “Van Wilder”

van wilder

From the looks of it, there aint no party like a Van Wilder party. Id be in attendance every weekend praying he decides to either take me under his wing or decide to stay for an 8th year of partying.


from “Old School”


Greek life never really appealed to me while in college however if Frank the Tank and Mitch were starting a frat you bet your ass i’d sign up. However, id probably transfer after they left school because it seemed as if they were the party. You’re my boy blue! You’re my boy.

Faber College

from “Animal House”

toga party

Can’t make a list like this without the fake college that started it all. They probably didn’t invent it but I’m giving them credit for starting the toga party trend, and who wouldn’t want to go to the college that invented the toga party. Sold.

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